Digital Kiosks will Replace Many McDonald’s Cashiers

You may want to dust-off your resume and search elsewhere if you work at or were considering working at McDonald’s. The company has announced that it is installing digital kiosks starting this year. 2,500 restaurants will have them by the end of 2017, and another 3,000 will have them at the end of the following […]

An Existentialist’s Antinatalism

There have been some reoccurring thoughts that I believe may be noteworthy enough to write down at least for myself. Let’s begin with the reason I started writing to begin with: I’m an existentialist who likes anime. It’s probably not all that uncommon to find people who’d echo this same statement because there may likely […]

Nyaa Pantsu: An Alternative to Nyaa

  Nyaa Pantsu is a new torrent tracker and a replacement for the now defunct As you have likely heard, Nyaa willingly went offline on May 1, 2017. The tracker was so ubiquitous that a noticeable vacuum appeared in its place once it left. The same can be said for BakaBT, although that tracker […]

I Can See the Appeal of Netori and Netorare

Netori and netorare. Cuckoldry by the protagonist and cuckoldry by a third-party, respectively. Someone forcefully takes someone else’s lover in either case. I would say that, overall, fans have mixed reactions to these controversial sub-genres. The dislike is natural to comprehend. These are cute anime girls who are coerced into cheating or being outright r**ed. […]

Gyaku Netorare Also Confirms Human Nature

Netorare (NTR) is initiated not just by males but females, as well. The female version is known as reverse netorare or gyaku (female) netorare (GTR). As I said previously, netorare is a controversial fetish, and it is controversial precisely because of human instinct. Sexual dimorphism in most species has caused males to be stronger and females […]