Hello there! Welcome to my humble space on the Internet.

As the name of this blog implies, I am an existentialist. I commonly ponder of worlds or, on a smaller scale, scenarios which I find to be more ideal than my own.

This is part of the reason why I enjoy anime and why slice-of-life is my favorite genre, for example.

Still, while I do enjoy reflecting on these ideals, I also like to examine my world also, albeit generally not with the most loving observations. I can and have been a critic of aspects of life, which serves to further inspire my belief that there has to be something better.

That could be a more utopian version of Earth in our universe or other universes created in parallel to our own or created by our own art.

Not everything on this platform will be an (amateur) attempt at philosophy. There will be content which will be tangentially connected at best. However, at least most of it will link back to my variant of idealism either by the subject reflecting what I believe to be my ideal or what I believe falls short of that ideal.


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