Cross-Dimensional Relationships from a Male Perspective

When comparing our species as whole to them, non-live action characters from anime, manga, visual novels, video games, and other platforms are just better. Their lives can be so dynamic or generally full of energy, an observation I’ve noticed which seems to transcend genres. Where we have the most direct comparison is with characters in slice-of-life series because they are more-or-less bound by the same laws of physics, nature, and society as us.

However, it is important to note of an important distinction: the absence of feminism’s and gynocentrism’s effects. I acknowledge that feminism likely has an important role in shaping society in our world but it is at least no longer needed in first-world countries where women are not second-class citizens as they currently are on other parts of Earth. First-world women do enjoy the same protections under the law as men and then some in the forms of child custody favorability, easier welfare access, etc. Such laws have been the result of leftist policies which arguably they favor. Gynocentrism aids this process while further coming at the men’s expense. For example, divorce settlements are skewed towards women for more than just child custody. There are also alimony and child support if the parents have children. And just like that, there goes much of the man’s meaning when they are taken from him.

There are of course men who still want to love, and yet, simultaneously, they do not want to have a near 50% risk of their own downfall occurring. They have different paths to take in order to combat this system. Some of those paths include learning to manipulate the system as it has manipulated them. Others still leave it all together. Then, you’ll reach a subsection of men who, ironically at an initial glance, chose to continue romantic relationships, romantic relationships which transcend dimensions.

The women of their lives are of the second dimension. Unlike the humans of our world, anime characters truly are of one race whether we choose the biological or the sociological definition. They, with their amazing structure reflected in their hair, eyes, and skin, belong to a post-race where prejudice does not exist. Perhaps, this has positively colored their moe personalities, thus making them further desirable to specific men.

How perfect for real-life men who in some way lament the fact that their genes will have some sort of (unfair) advantages and disadvantages and that their society will intentionally bring them disadvantages. The time they can spend together with their waifus through platforms and merchandise may momentarily end once they have to tend repeatedly to real-life obligations, but they will surely continue in their dreams and their daydreams.


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