How the Left and Relationships Can Make Student Loan Debt Worse

Student financial aid is a Leftist policy of the federal government. If that sounds foreign, think of financial aid as welfare for students. The general concept of welfare is not supported by the Right because it increases the scope of the government which it is against.

As the average college tuition increases every school year, the average amount per borrower and the outstanding student loan debt have also increased, making the government’s responsibility in higher education all the larger. The Left partly does this as a means of receiving the support of future constituents which arguably fuels the premise that colleges and universities overwhelmingly are liberal.

It then takes a longer time per student to be able to pay the loans off in their entirety if at all because tuition has exceeded the rate of inflation. In other words, borrowers are more dependent for a longer period. That means the government receives even more money because of the nature of interest.

Likely, it receives even more from couples who are less likely to be minimalist in comparison to their single counterparts. That is in part because they need more resources as they begin to buy homes and have children. Women, as a reflection of their biological imperative for more resources in contrast to men, drive 70% to 80% of all consumer purchases in the United States. This also includes their ability to influence, meaning they essentially make the decision but do not make the purchase themselves.

In either case, if women, particularly in relationships, are spending their own money or influence another to do so, this is in a Leftist government’s best interest especially if they or their partner have substantial student loan debt.


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