Artificializing Male Scarcity

Male scarcity refers to a situation where females of a species greatly outnumber the males, greatly reducing the level of competition by the males to win mates and general resources. YouTuber Turd Flinging Monkey describes the opposite scenario with a group of chimpanzees where the males outnumber the females two to one. The discrepancy, which ideally in nature is of females outnumbering males, allowed for the chimpanzees to murder their alpha and then overthrow the next alpha who previously was the beta. While TFM explains the positives of the male scarcity concept from an anti-gynocentric perspective, let’s key on how we can positively create male (or female) scarcity artificially. Female scarcity for humans, at least in the developed world, is more-or-less the same as male scarcity of the species because the sexes more-or-less have identical rights.

I refer to two subjects: life-sized dolls (including automatons) and virtual characters. The two essentially are the same with mainly the physical nature of the former separating it from the latter. Otherwise, they can provide a means for people to have romantic relationships that can be currently, most prominently observed in Japan where men and women desire and even have open relationships with androids, gynoids, and anime characters as waifus and husbandos.

The key here is that, while the person can create his or her own harem a la a group of chimpanzees, it is the ability to have choices which is crucial. By giving an individual the option of having many partners to choose from, artificial scarcity is created which benefits said individual. Life-sized dolls and virtual characters have allowed and will continue to allow for anyone to discover or to create his or her preferred significant other(s). Advances in robotics and virtual reality will only make this easier while steadily, simultaneously leaving the uncanny valley behind. Even with a lack of biological males and females, introducing artificial males and females who are viable alternatives theoretically would counter the negative effects of having an imbalanced ratio between the sexes and lead to improved mental and physical health for those who desire relationships.


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