Why I’ll Never Take Out a Mortgage on a House

Flint, Michigan. It has been more than 1000 days since its water crisis began.

Being that the government via tax dollars is responsible for providing clean water, the blame of course lies on it. Whether it’s the fault of a particular wing is not of concern to me for the sake of this argument. It’s that the system has failed this awfully in a first world country like the United States, and even worse, it appears to be intentional. Jordan Chariton of TYT Politics, through interviews and investigative reporting, has revealed that the governor and bureaucracy of Michigan are trying to gentrify the city as they have done with parts of Detroit. Meanwhile, the city of Flint knowingly charges its citizens for toxic, unusable water, as a means to force them out as soon as possible while essentially charging them wrongful, late fees. Please check out Chariton’s extensive coverage in this playlist if you want to know more.

Flint sets a dangerous precedent to me. It’s a demonstration of bureaucratic incompetency of a high magnitude. Thousands of people have lost value in their most important asset, their homes. They likely will not be able to sell them and move away as their health continues to decline. While, yes, Flint is mainly a working class city with a relatively small tax base, there have been similar issues in East Chicago, Indiana, with lead poisoning and Chicago, a major city, also with contaminated water. Chariton has also covered those affected areas, and as he has shown, compromised infrastructure is not all that uncommon. It brings the question to mind, “Where can’t this happen in this country?”

Phrased another way, why would I, an antinatalist, want to take a mortgage out on a house and place myself into debt, only to hope that the local bureaucrats aren’t too incompetent that their decisions would harm the most important asset I won’t even fully own for 15 to 30 years?


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