I Can See the Appeal of Netori and Netorare

Netori and netorare. Cuckoldry by the protagonist and cuckoldry by a third-party, respectively. Someone forcefully takes someone else’s lover in either case.

I would say that, overall, fans have mixed reactions to these controversial sub-genres. The dislike is natural to comprehend. These are cute anime girls who are coerced into cheating or being outright r**ed. We’re talking about potential waifus here. Some wonder why a viewer, escaping from their possibly own hellish, 3D world, would want to observe equivalents in 2D. The escapist in myself understands the plausibility of such sentiment.

And yet, while netori and netorare are two sub-genre examples of hentai that are a reflection of many real-life relationships–must I provide divorce statistics?–they exclude the emotional and financial consequences, namely alimony and child support–relationships in general for a few. One gets to view the absurdity of a failing relationship which potentially acts as a reminder of the many (expensive) ones in his or her own world. No actual harm done in the name of escapist fun.


2 thoughts on “I Can See the Appeal of Netori and Netorare

  1. As a messed up dude, I like netorare as well. I think it’s more of a “you deserve it” kinda story, because the girl wouldn’t really be put in that situation if the guy confessed first or did something about it. Even knowing the truth, thy guy still just does nothing so it kinda makes you want to make fun of such a spineless guy.
    I guess people just love misery, but I’m just a messed up guy. Haha.


    1. Yes, I do agree with that. I’ve been wondering what thoughts the creators have as they make netorare. A lot of it is exaggeration, although I also get the idea that a few of these stories are based loosely on real-life experiences. If that is applicable, then I would think they’re having their fun with parodying other’s (and maybe their own) misery and simultaneously starting controversial discussions between fans and viewers. Indeed, I’m curious as to what goes through the mind of NTR creators.


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