An Existentialist’s Antinatalism

There have been some reoccurring thoughts that I believe may be noteworthy enough to write down at least for myself.

Let’s begin with the reason I started writing to begin with: I’m an existentialist who likes anime. It’s probably not all that uncommon to find people who’d echo this same statement because there may likely be a strong correlation between the two.

Additionally, I am an antinatalist, someone who essentially is against bringing life into this world. There’s likely less of a correlation between this and liking anime here, but I acknowledge it may still be there.

Support of this philosophy does not inherently make someone like me a nihilist, although I’m not denying the oft overlapping relationship between them. People can easily enjoy meaningful lives childfree.

Antinatalism is of course rooted in philosophy, however, I believe there is an economics component, as well, that we may tend to overlook. Economics can be distilled down to the obvious supply and demand, and I would believe choices can be included, as well.

Everything we do is a choice, even when we decide to be inactive.

With the use of statistics and topics of interest, I would like to explain why antinatalism is plausible from an economical standpoint. The way I see it is if it difficult for a substantial amount of to the majority of people to take care of themselves, they should consider not making it worse for themselves while simultaneously imposing that risk to potential offspring.


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