A Bad Ending in a Game is Inspiring Me

Motivation can be found in unique situations.

This past weekend, I was playing through Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2, determined to get through my second ending of my favorite game at least of the first trilogy (If you did not know, Neptunia is a JRPG series, and that’s why a game such as this has multiple endings).

I started playing Re;Birth 2 a while ago. Like the other games in the series, I intentionally take my time with it in order to enjoy the experience. I take it in as an interactive anime or visual novel.

I do this to a fault. Arguably, I just experienced the game’s worst ending, and it definitely took me more than a year to do it. And I have other endings to get through. Aside from taking my time, I spent this much time for a few reasons: anime, other games, visual novels, school, apathy towards life, and so on. The apathy and such has come and gone multiple times.

Suddenly obtaining motivation once more, I worked towards the ending, gathering materials for plans to craft a battle effect and skipping much of the dialogue. I had to will myself to not become entrapped in the characters’ cuteness yet again because something outside of the game could cause my motivation to fade. Using a guide by a Steam user, I knew from looking at the provided artist CG that this was a dark ending approaching. It may be a slight spoiler that some people may want to discover on their own, so I’ll just talk about it.

Here, I’ll make it up to you with this adorable, official artwork by Tsunako:

Uni, Nepgear, Ram, and Rom
Uni, Nepgear, Ram, and Rom

The artwork featured Nepgear, my at least second favorite character. She is such a sweetie. Knowing the determined girl who she is, I was quick to notice her apprehensive expression when I encountered the guide a year or so ago. I mentally prepared a little for it.

Still, my heart bled for Nepgear, her sister, Neptune, and their friends once the game congratulated me with the ending as my second. My admiration for Nepgear grew all the more over the course of the arc leading to the ending. I also was and am saddened that I had to use more than well over a year, a noticeable portion of it due to my apathy and such, to experience just my second ending in the form of cute girls’ tears and pain.

I should have gotten this ending in much less time. I should have done other things in less time or simply paused or skipped them. No worries. I partly reflect on it all amusingly, nevertheless. Multitasking multiple Neptunia and non-Neptunia games with the occasional anime and visual novels has not helped either.

Seeing that ending helped put some matters into perspective, like this quote from Mac Lethal’s “Til the Casket Drops” from Congratulations:

Fuck it, here we are
It ain’t guaranteed that you’ll be here tomorrow
You live life like you got an extra day to do shit
And you’ll die in a leap year, it’s harsh
So do it all today
Or in 20 years you’re gonna look at life like you threw it all away

I am quite fortunate that, rather than experiencing years later after other endings, I’ve experienced this as a means of motivation to get to happier endings and the true ending.




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