Gyaku Netorare Also Confirms Human Nature

Netorare (NTR) is initiated not just by males but females, as well. The female version is known as reverse netorare or gyaku (female) netorare (GTR). As I said previously, netorare is a controversial fetish, and it is controversial precisely because of human instinct. Sexual dimorphism in most species has caused males to be stronger and females […]

A Paradox of Economics

A nearly $150 purchase of an anime figure immediately gave me a thought about a paradox of economics.  When a person spends their own money on a product or service, they exchange their income or savings for it. This act results in less resources that they have to support themselves and to save for emergency […]

Introducing the Relationship Shopping Cart Funnel

Ladies, look around. Select a man. Go on a couple of dates with him–or five. Repeat if you’d like–or manipulate him. Have him spend (more) money on you. Claim one or more of the following: rape, sexual abuse, and domestic violence. Proceed to take more of his money via the court system–or continue to manipulate […]

Women and Personal Debt: An Example

Personal debt in the United States currently stands at $18.2 trillion. This does not include the United States’ national debt which “represents the face amount or principal amount of marketable and non-marketable securities currently outstanding.” Instead, personal debt includes mortgage debt and consumer debt, such as car loans and credit card debt. Women account for […]

The Divorce Rate: When a Glass Half-full Actually is Not So

Sure, 50% of marriages currently do not terminate through divorce. However, some of that 50% is a result of the married man knowing he has much to risk, namely alimony and child support, if divorce occurs. He subsequently is less likely to initiate a divorce because doing so would fail a cost-benefit analysis. The marriage […]

Netorare Opposition: An Explanation Based on Human Instinct

Hentai genre netorare (NTR), in mainstream Western terminology, is cuckoldry. Netorare occurs when an outside party takes away a lover from the protagonist and makes that person his or her own. As I’ve stated before, Japanese non-live action media provides escapist fantasies for many of its consumers. With hentai, that includes a variety of fetishes, such […]