Introducing the Relationship Shopping Cart Funnel

Ladies, look around. Select a man. Go on a couple of dates with him–or five. Repeat if you’d like–or manipulate him. Have him spend (more) money on you. Claim one or more of the following: rape, sexual abuse, and domestic violence. Proceed to take more of his money via the court system–or continue to manipulate […]

Netorare Opposition: An Explanation Based on Human Instinct

Hentai genre netorare (NTR), in mainstream Western terminology, is cuckoldry. Netorare occurs when an outside party takes away a lover from the protagonist and makes that person┬áhis or her own. As I’ve stated before, Japanese non-live action media provides escapist fantasies for many of its consumers. With hentai, that includes a variety of fetishes, such […]

Anime Girls and Reverse Hypergamy

Because of the differences in their brain chemistry, men and women love differently. Specifically for women, this is because of a hypergamous instinct which has helped our species propagate and change gradually for millions of years. Their dominant role in reproduction means that they have to be more selective when it comes to finding a […]

Advantages of Singlehood: Caffeine Edition

Just imagine for a moment how much caffeine a person in or pursuing a relationship has to┬áconsume. That person has to exchange free time in order to make commitments with someone else and vice versa. If our societal caffeine consumption is any indication, he or she, who likely was not getting enough rest to begin […]